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Chapter 1 – Introduction to R&S
Importance of R&S:
* Productivity: Reduces employee turnover and increases productivity * Competitiveness: Hiring the right people gives the company an edge in the market by higher productivity and in-turn increased profits. * Responsible for up to 15% of a firm’s relative profit * Help to establish employee trust

* Legal and public exposure is another key element in this aspect and it is important to conduct the best practices in this regard which are valid, reliable and legally defensible. Costs associated with wrong selection of candidates ($25K - $50K) * Wage/ Pay

* Training
* Productivity/ Opportunity Cost
* Management/ Administration Cost
* Termination Costs
* Recruitment Costs
* Errors at work
* Reduction in employee Morale
We are embedded with a huge responsibility of selecting the right person due to the costs attached to selecting a wrong candidate. From HR point of view, we want to help the organization make the right decision with hiring people and avoid the companies make the below errors: False Positive: when we hire someone after completion of the recruitment process but they don’t prove out to be as predicted. False Negative: we crossed out a candidate, which would have been very good or proved out to be very good may be at the competition. (Opportunity Cost, recruitment cost, Discriminatory conditions by putting down certain requirements). Important Definitions

* Recruiting - getting qualified candidates to apply (is getting the people who are interested in the job, getting them to apply) It is the generation of an applicant pool for a position or job in order to provide the required number of candidates for a subsequent selection or promotion program. Recruitment is done to achieve management goals and objectives for the organization and must also meet current legal requirements.

* Selection - choosing among qualified candidates. It is the choice of job candidates from a previously generated applicant pool in a way that will meet management goals and objectives as well as current requirements. R&S in Organizations

* Line authority - The authority finally lies with the line managers, HR experts in the company can only assist them to make good decisions with our expertise.

* Staff Authority – Sometimes staff who counsels but don’t really have any authority in making decisions. * Functional Authority – A physician or a Legal employee is a good example of such a hiring, there is a speciality in this job posting which is out of the authority of the CEO or line managers. Predictors - are measures that help in differentiating between employees and the set Job description. In other words it is the information that is used to predict candidate performance * Skills/ Competencies

* Experience / Achievements
* Education
* References
* Certificates
* Personality Characteristics
* Test Scores (an entry score)
Predictors shouldn’t be used
* Illegal - Disabilities, Gender, Marital Status, Gender, Age, Nationality or Origin, * Not good predictors - First Impressions, Attitudes, Physical appearance * Criminal Records (conviction records can be used to discriminate, but is illegal to discriminate against convictions that has been pardoned.) * So we need to come out of being human and not let our first impressions affect our selection process. Note: The best predictor of future behavior is past behavior under some or certain situations.

Discrimination - we are there to help line managers to discriminate between employees as long as the grounds are legitimate and legal. We should always ensure that the actions that we take will never be discriminatory. Direct discrimination is not always illegal; Bonafide Occupational qualification can give companies some scope of discrimination if they prove that to perform the job they need people with some specific qualifications...
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