Recollection Reflection

Topics: Skill, Psychology, Positive psychology Pages: 1 (262 words) Published: September 30, 2012

Reflection at Recollection

The day we had the recollection was really a perfect day for us to unwind, relax, get stressed free, detoxify our mind and feel God’s presence. It was only a week after the midterm examination. Recollection was like a cleansing bathe on every soul. Sol y Viento was the perfect place for this kind of recreation because of its breath taking scenery of the nature. Also, all of us had a great time to enjoy picture taking.

I’ve learned a lot in the recollection and it reflects the way I am communicating to God. We discuss in recollection about being a good leader. Our mentor said that everyone had the capacity to be an effective and efficient leader. And it really influence the way I communicate and lead my subordinates. Being a leader you should consider and understand your subordinates suggestion or perception. Communication is the key to create a harmonious relationship between leaders and subordinates. That day I had proven how God loves me unconditionally. That, every detail of my life he is always watching me. That, every things were happening for a reason that conclude we learn something from that experience and we became stronger than before.

This recollection was so inspiring that it changes my point of view. I learned something what really matters the most. I also learned not to be attached to material possessions because that was only temporary. Love is what matters the most. The most important to learn in life is to give out love and let it come in.
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