Reasons for Not Buying a Car

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  • Published : December 8, 2012
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Reasons for not Buying a Car
As we all know, with the improvement of living standard, more and more people could afford to buy a car. But only a small number of them choose to do so. Why? First, not buying a car will help us save much money. In China, when people talking about buying cars, they always say that it’s easier to buy a car than than to maintain one. In other words, if we had got a car, we would have had to take more things into consideration such as the petrol, the requirement and the premium we have to pay every year and so on and after a period of time we may spend more money then we expect. Calculating the number of money we have to cost on the car, we will find that if we don’t buy a car we can really save much money. Second, we can often avoid traffic jam without a car. As there are more and more cars on the street, driving a car we will easily involve in the traffic jam during rush hours. That means we have to spend time on such useless waiting. What’s worse,the drivers often don’t swich off the motor when they are waiting therefore the cars won’t stop giving off waste gas. If we are in the team we will draw waste gas into our lungs which will do harm to our health. Third, as the waste gas is one of the most serious pollution in the world, not buying a car is also a behavior to protect the environment. Though scientists are making efforts to improve the techniques of purifying waste gas, that is not enough to make a difference in recent years. The problem still exists and may even become worse in the future. If we don’t buy cars, we are helping stop this bad tendency in some degree. These are not all the reasons for not buying a car but I hope they will help when people are considering wheher to buy a car.
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