Reality Therapy

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History and people associated with REALITY THERAPY
What Is Reality Therapy?

It is a therapeutic approach
that focuses on problem-
solving and making better
choices in order to achieve
specific goals. It is focused on
the here and now rather than
the past.
The goal of reality therapy
In essence it is to:
solve problems,
rebuild connections and
begin working toward a better future.
The therapist works with the patient to figure out what they want and how their current behaviors are bringing them closer (or farther) from their goals.

Reality Therapy’s strategic emphasis is on:
changing thoughts and actions and
empowering individuals to improve the present and future.

As the patient begins to experience small successes their confidence improves, allowing for more advanced goal-setting and problem-solving. What makes reality therapy different
It is distinct from other therapies in a number of ways, including maintaining a focus on the present and future, the near-avoidance of the past, and purposeful but gentle questioning that is designed to elicit logical answers that – ideally – will compel an action to change

In lay terms, Reality Therapy helps people to reach a medium ground between being in control of what they are able to control, and accepting that some things will remain out of their control – especially other people. HISTORY AND PEOPLE ASSOCIATED WITH REALITY THERAPY

It was developed in the mid-1960s and founded by the American psychiatrist, Dr. William Glasser.

Reality Therapy was birthed by Glasser’s research conducted in two settings located both in the Los Angeles area:

a psychiatric hospital and
a correctional institution.
Contributor to Reality Therapy : Dr. G. L. Harrington
Glasser credits some measure of his works in the development of Reality Therapy to his mentor, Dr. G. L. Harrington.

Glasser consulted with Harrington for eight years during the preparation of his book, Reality...
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