Reading Responses to a Poem

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If it is one thing that I love to read is poems, regardless if I even understand them or not. Shakespeare is by far one of the best poets to me; of course many people think this. Although understanding his works were similar of understanding the Bible, meaning I needed it translated, I still very much enjoyed putting his words into my own imagination first before I found true meaning to his words. Some poems are simple and pleasing, and some I just want to stop in the middle of the poem and give up on trying understanding it. To me the tone of a poem is very important. The tone is partly what really catches my interest to a poem, short story, drama or even a good long book. If the tone of the poem is not appeasing to me while I am reading it aloud in my head, then I will NOT finish reading the poem. There was a Shakespeare sonnet used in our text that I could have chosen to use today, but there is a poem that has stuck with me for quite a while now, since the first time I read it.

The Pool Players, by Gwendolyn Brooks, although a rather short poem, had me drawn into it from the first line. I both read the poem and listened to the audio of the poem (having of course read it first). I will say that I read it in a different way than I listened to it. After having listened to the poem, I liked it even that much more and it gave me a clearer understanding.

The “beat” of the poem while listening to it made me get more into the poem. The meaning behind the poem, and that it made me somewhat think about it, was intriguing. I like poems too that actually have something to do with history, or just something in general that is “real”.

I can see why this poem The Pool Players could have started some heated debate. Many people will initially think upon reading/hearing the poem the color of the characters, how they lived, what they are doing now and etc. That is another thing about poems that I like is that they are really left for the imagination to...
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