Reading for Appreciation and Enjoyment

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Reading for Appreciation and Enjoyment
Reading literary selections like poems, short stories, novels, plays, or essays, not only provide pleasure. It also develop your analytical skills as you must consider each part of the text separately before you can interpret the meaning of the entire work and eventually appreciate it. Poems express ideas in a tighter, more compact way than prose as they do not include details and explanations common to the short story or novel. They are more concentrated, suggestive, and rhythmical than prose as they resort to the use of symbols, figurative language, and imagery, which tend to leave more to a reader’s imagination rather than giving everything he needs to know. Poems may be:

* Lyric poem expresses the observations and the feeling of a single speaker. * Narrative poems are stories told in prose. Often narrative poems, even ballads have all the elements of the short stories, such as plot, characters and setting.

Poems may take the form of:
* Haiku – an unrhymed verse form, consisting of three lines. The first and third lines contain five syllables while the second line consists of seven syllables. * Tanka – another verse form. It has thirty-one syllables arrange in five lines (five, seven, five, seven, seven). * Cinquain – a poetic unrhymed form consisting of five lines. It come in three formats: Pattern #1Line 1: One word

Line 2: Two words
Line 3: Three words
Line 4: Four words
Line 5: One word

Pattern #2Line 1: A noun
Line 2: Two adjectives
Line 3: Three-ing words
Line 4: A phrase
Line 5: Another word for the noun

Pattern #3Line 1: Two syllables
Line 2: Four Syllables
Line 3: Six syllables
Line 4: Eight syllables
Line 5: Two syllables

* Diamante – a seven line, diamond shaped poem. It has the following format: Line 1: a noun that contrasts line 7
Line 2: two adjectives that describe line 1
Line 3: three action verbs that...
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