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Lesson 1 Instructions
Overview: Lesson 1
1. Review the course syllabus and send me an e-mail stating that you have read the syllabus, understand the contents, and agree with the policies. 2. Post a personal introduction to the Introduction Discussion board. Don’t forget to respond to 2 peers. 3. Create an account for yourself on Townsendpress and e-mail me to tell me when you have created that account. Entitle the e-mail Townsendpress. 4. Read chapter one from the text, write responses, and drop answers into correct drop boxes. 5. Read lecture notes for Vocabulary in Context, watch VIC PowerPoint; complete exercises in Advanced Word Power book; complete sentence check 2 for chapters 1-5; complete Unit 1 chapters 1-5 in Advanced Word Power at Townsendpress and drop box scores. 6. Complete vocabulary practice quiz.

7. Take vocabulary posttest 1
8. Read "Critical Thinking and the Nursing Process" and post your responses to the discussion forum questions.

Part 3: Text Questions
Read the Introduction and Chapter 1 and answer the following questions. Your answers should be clearly written, using correct punctuation and grammar. A. Read the selection titled "Commencement Address" on (pg. 20-22) and complete the multiple choice and true and false questions that follow the reading. Verify answers by transferring them to the answer template titled "Commencement Address". B. Next comes a 3 part essay response -Ex. 1.3. (i) After reading "Commencement Address" (pg 20-22), state how the writer's message might impact your thinking about your future success in school and beyond. (ii) Read the selection "Critical Thinking-Uncommon Sense" (pp. 14-16). After reading the selection, explain what critical thinking involves? In the second part of your answer provide examples of the types of questions a critical reader might ask after reading an essay on "Legalizing Gay Marriage" or an essay on "Providing all Americans with Affordable Access to Health...
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