Reader Response Criticism

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  • Published : October 16, 2012
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Applying Reader Response Strategy in Appreciating Literary Works

The appreciation of the short story applies seven reader response strategies posed by Beach and Marshall (1990); they are describing, conceiving, explaining, interpreting, engaging, connecting and judging. The guiding questions are constructed based on the responses. NO| Response| Explanations| Indicators| Questions to guide| 1| Engaging(Include)| Getting involved in literary work.Readers are always trying to engage his feelings to literature they read. Readers immerse themselves into the text, imagine what happened and feel what is perceived by the characters. Purves, et al. (1990) adds the definition above that when reading works of literary readers include not only feelings but to include the mind and imagination as well as those quoted from the statement "Literature and the arts exist in the curriculum as a means for students to learn to express Their emotions, Their thought, and Their imaginations.”  According Kimtafsirah (2003:6) readers who are "engaged" with the text, merged with the text in terms of applying Rosenblatt is an aesthetic reading. In aesthetic reading, as if the reader into the text and live there in order to understand the behavior of the characters. Thus, readers can respond emotionally with ease so that the understanding reached.| Feeling, imagination, thought| 1. Can you feel what is felt by the character? What does he/she feel? 2. Would you do the same thing if you were the character? Explain it. 3. Can you imagine what happens? Explain it.| 2| Describing(Detailing)| Readers can describe the text by refilling the elements of the text, or by refilling the characteristics of the characters.Readers back detailing or describing information contained in the text. Readers detailing the characters, characterizations, background story, and story lines. That is, the reader retells the story he had...