Reaction Paper on Prehispanic Philippines' Class, Structure, and Order

Topics: Nobility, Sociology, Philippines Pages: 2 (426 words) Published: March 19, 2013

A Reaction paper on Prehispanic class structure, law and order

The nature and force of human to put order into various things is strong in this topic. This phenomenon of organizing is as ancient as history itself. Even before the birth of colonialism, several groups of people had already established an organization to live much easier and to control the ever growing population of the human race. One can also account this strategic technique in the ancient times of our archipelago (what would be called now as the Philippines), the formation of barangay and the theories that says it had originated from the coastal settlements created by the migration of Malayo-Polynesian people. But even so, the negritos or aetas who were the first settlers in the archipelago had also build their own communities to ease up hunting and also for protection.

Social organization and stratification on the islands of Luzon and Visayas were actually different from each other. Tagalogs were described as more traders than warriors. The social order in the Visayan region were composed of the Tumao class (where the nobility of pure royalty descent; includes tha datu and their families), the Timawa (the warrior class who render military services to the datu in hunts and land wars), and lastly the Oripun class (the commoners and slaves). On the other side, social order in the Luzon/Tagalog region were composed of the Maginoo (noble class where the lakan which is equivalent to datu belongs), the Maharlika (the equivalent of Timawa in the region), and lastly the alipin class (consists of aliping namamahay and aliping sa gigilid).

These organizational patterns present even before the time of Spanish colonialism in the archipelago shows that the island’s early settlers were able to handle themselves and were masters of trading, farming, hunting and were also valiant warriors. Well, most of us think that it is unfair for the Spaniards to abuse the land and brand our...
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