Rain Water Harvesting

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III Review report
Project Title:
Improve Ground Water Quantity & Quality
Through Rain Water Harvesting

Coordinator: Dr. K.Nagamani
Guide: Dr. Madhavi Ganesan
Team Members
Kumaravel.A (20085052)
Kavi Eswari.K (20085049)
Murali.K (20075023)
Barathan.P (20085010)


Tube Products of India is a leading manufacturer of precision steel strips and steel tubes which is located at Avadi, which comes under the avadi municipality, Thiruvallur district, Tamilnadu. The extent of land at TPI is 86.39 Acres and 2000 employees working in three shift basis

The factory is located in between the Chennai Thiruvallur High road and Chennai Bangalore Rail track for the North and the south side respectively, Nagammai Nagar is located at the east side of the factory and Tamilnadu Special Police is located at the west side of the factory.

Need for the Study:

To manufacture the steel strips and tubes it requires huge quantity of water for various purpose like cooling, process and domestic requirements, they get the water 8 KM away from the factory area since the ground water quality inside the factory premises is not meeting their requirement, even though they have initiated many water conservation projects through recycling the waste water to their manufacturing process and cooling requirements to reduce the consumption of groundwater.

To utilize the ground water from the factory premises itself they need to initiate the rain water harvesting method to improve the ground water quality and to use the water for their requirements.


* To improve the quantity and the quality of the ground water by recharging the rain water.

* To identify appropriate location to recharge rainwater.


The methodology used to improve the ground water quality and the quantity is by harvesting the rainwater in collection ponds and recharging the bore wells

How to reach the objective?

* Topographical Survey
* Existing pattern of recharge & Discharge
* Primary & Secondary data collection
* Existing Quality of ground water
* Developing IDF curve
* Runoff Calculation

Topographic Survey

Topographic survey was conducted at the Tube products of India site for getting the topographic data mainly for locating and designing the rain water diversion, collection and storage structures.

Data Collection:

* Rainfall Data
* Existing Water consumption
* Existing Water quality

Rainfall Data:

Thiruvallur rain gauge station is the nearest rain gauge station and the collection of rainfall data of the nearest rainfall station for the period 1980 to 2006 has been computed using the rainfall data for the Thiruvallur rain gauge station. The maximum flood discharge has been computed using the rainfall data for the monsoon months.

Existing Water Consumption:

TPI is drawing ground water from Paruthipet village which is located at 8 KM from Avadi where the industry is located. The conveyance of water is through pipe line and this is pumped by 15 hp motor. Every day they draw 220 KL for their top up in process, cooling and domestic purpose.

Actual consumption of the industry is 637 KLD. The industry has taken many initiatives to reduce the water consumption and succeeded. To reduce the ground water drawing industry has taken many initiatives like recycling & reusing of trade effluent and sewage effluent. 437 KLD of those effluents is recycled and reused through Ultra filtration, Reverse osmosis and Mechanical Evaporator.

Existing Water Quality in TPI:

TPI is having Six bore wells all around, of shallow depth from 150 to 200 feet, the dia of bore wells are 6 inch’s the quality of the bore wells are not meeting the requirements of the industry. The total dissolve solids and the chloride levels are higher than the requirements of the need of the industry.

The TDS varies from 2500 PPM to 4500 PPM
The Cl varies from 780 PPM...
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