Quiz 2

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  • Published : January 27, 2013
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Quiz 2 Study Guide
Towns: pp. 485–552
Be able to define and distinguish between the external and internal law. ➢ External law: is expressed in precepts, prohibitions of dictates ➢ Internal law: man is born with an innate knowledge of God Understand the theological concept of a “covenant of works” as applied to Adam. What conclusion does the textbook reach regarding the legitimacy of a “covenant of works?” ➢ God and Adam entered into a covenant in which if Adam did not sin, he would be removed from probationary period and reciveve a confirmed state of immortality. ➢ The notion of a valid conenant is rejected

What opinion does the textbook purpose regarding the nature of the Tree of Life’s existence? ➢ It was instrument to test the motives of Adam, to reveal if he could demonstrate his virture through obedience Know the three avenues of temptation through which Satan tempted Eve. ➢ Lust of the eyes

➢ Lust of the flesh
➢ Pride of life
Understand the distinctions between the Arminian and Calvinist views of total depravity, and be able to provide a biblical definition of it. ➢ Arminian: Man can reason himself to God fully developed in the enlightment era. Man is capable of doing spiritual good. Moral works can be performed. ➢ Calvinism: Man cannot reason except trhough the grace of God. Man can do not good until salvation occurs. No moral works can be performed. ➢ Biblical Definition: Man can reason, but he can’t obtain merit from God. Man is unable to do spiritual works unless he is regenerated. Socially moral works can be performed by unbelievers. What is the textbook’s view regarding the nature (or reality) of the serpent found in Genesis 3? ➢ Satan used an actual serpent.

At what point (and through what event) was the promise of God to “crush” Satan’s head fulfilled? ➢ At Calvary when Satan was judged
Understand the nature of sin as revealed by Old Testament words as well as by New Testament words. Note the emphasis upon outward...
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