Quint Studer Course

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Quint Studer Course:


High performance conversation: 3 objectives, review goals, where we’re going as a system, how you fit in the company, why I value you, what we can do to help satisfy you to make u feel good. Ask if they have any concerns for the unit and system. Reassure the person that they can always come to you if they need to talk. 1) System goals

2) Unit goals: Explaining goals of the entire unit, not just person’s goals. How the person correlates to these goals.

Middle Performer conversation: Assure the person that you want to keep the person. Mention what you appreciate of him. Now, coach him on things he’s having problems with. Say that you will meet again in a week to make sure there is an improvement. Tell him again that he’s an important asset. Pro-Con-Pro Sandwich.

Low Performer conversation: Be direct to the point. 1st go over the standards and go over expectations. Describe what has been observed. Evaluate the problems, Say that these things needed to change then if improvements are not made- corrective action will be taken. Keep following up every 2 weeks, talk about this again to make sure improvements are occurring. During second meeting: Repeat what you talked about last time: specific problems. How your problems are affecting/impact the staff. (Expect excuses) Explain what your expectations are and what steps are being taken from here.

You should start with High performers-> Middle performers-> Low performers because this sequence will allow everyone to see that high performers are not being neglected and are appreciated.

Dr. Harris: Cornell Undergrad, Columbia Med School. Vice Chairman, Department of Surgery; Chief of Surgical Services; Lead Physician in Studer Group. 50 surgeon practice at Mount Sinai. Of the 50 surgeons, hes the 3rd largest revenue producer.
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