Questions on Muscles

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  • Published : April 18, 2012
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A&P muscles Study Guide

What is the role of tropomyosin in skeletal muscles?
Which muscle cells have the greatest ability to regenerate? The strongest muscle contractions are normally achieved by ________. What would be recruited later in muscle stimulation when contractile strength increases? Excitation-contraction coupling requires what substances?

What is the function of myoglobin and where is it found? What structure in skeletal muscle cells functions in calcium storage? What does oxygen deficit represent?
What is the Latent period?
What is creatine phosphate and its function?
What controls the force of muscle contraction?
What is the function of the sarcoplasmic reticulum?
What produces the striations of a skeletal muscle cell?
Which filament is composed of myosin?
What is a cross bridge, where does it form, what molecules are involved, when and how does it form? What is the membrane that surrounds an individual muscle cell? How are smooth and skeletal muscles alike and different?

Explain how ATP functions in Rigor Mortis.
What are the roles if the following structures: troponin, tropomyosin, actin, myosin, ADP, Pi, ATP, Ca+2, acetylcholine, acetyl cholinesterase, Na channels, Potassium channels, sodium/potassium exchanger, neuromuscular junction, T-tubules, sarcoplasmic reticulum, sarcolemma. (obviously you should know where these are located to know their functions ) What is the difference between a myofibril, myofilament, muscle fiber, fascicle, and muscle? What is the functional unit of a skeletal muscle called?

What is the role of calcium ions in a nerve impulse?
What is an action potential?
What is resting membrane potential?
What is a muscle twitch?
Be able to a myogram.
Where does ATP for muscle contraction come from during short strenuous exercise? During a long swim? During rest? During stressful test taking? When a muscle is unable to respond to stimuli temporarily, it is in what periods? What...
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