Question and Answer on Infrastructure

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  • Published : December 18, 2012
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Name: rob robs
Assignment title: Infrastructure
Set & assessed by: Rowland Summerlin

A housing developer is considering building 30 new houses on the outskirts of a local town.

Task 1 P7: Explain the implications of environmental issues and legislative constraints on this type of construction development.

Implications of environmental issues:

Endangered animals: As the site will need an inspection to look for any animals that could be living near or around the building site. As the building site could destroy or harm endangered animals and could wipe out an entire species that could have devastating affects on the food chain and kill off the human race as we know it. Also it's important to keep every species of animal as in the future there could be a disease that would wipe out half the human race and the only cure is in or on the animal that died because someone wanted to build 30 houses.

Water pollution: The water pollution that will be caused by the building site before and after when it is done could harm the environment if it is not correctly disposed of correctly as if the cement or concrete that is being used on the building it could affect the public as it could slip into the stream and a pipe for tap water for the next village or town and if the cement goes into the stream and the stream goes into the pipe by accident it could maybe wipe out an entire village or town, and I doubt they would be too happy about dying. The key legislation for water abstraction and public use is the Water Resources Act 1991, the Water Industry Act 1991 and the Water Act 2003. Under the Water Act 2003, water companies are required to provide statutory water resource management plans. These look ahead 25 years and plan to meet projected future demand.

Pollution: The pollution coursed when the buildings are being built and when the buildings have been built and when people live in them need to be taken into consideration as the amount of pollution...
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