Question 1what Are the Characteristics of the Market Served by the Horizon Foods Corporation?

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Question 1What are the characteristics of the market served by the Horizon Foods Corporation?

a. National market
Processing the small specialty foods with a broad product line and sales of $300 million per year which a food brokers represent the company to the retail food chains by the network. This company more focused on ethnic food specialties which including salad dressings, sauces for Italian pasta and condiments such as specialties pickles.

b. Two plants produced product
One in the Central Valley of California at Fresno and the other in Illinois south of Chicago which they buy the ingredients from other foods suppliers to avoid the peak seasonal characteristics encountered by food packers. The company production has take place in large quantities to maintain low production costs and assure consistent product quality.

c. Generally order on small quantity
Company has ordered from supplier amounting to five to six cases per order only or about 150 to 200 pounds at a time.

d. Poor delivery
However, customers have commented that the company have a poor delivery services because of many of ingredients are shipped over long distances and it has depending on the season.

e. Two major department management
This is include the Marketing and Sales and also has Production department and several staff units for personnel, purchasing and finance. Both of departments are responsible for marketing the product lines such promotion, product inventory at the public warehouses, providing sales support and also merchandising. There is also a national sales manager who responsibility for maintaining contact with food brokers, coordinating public warehouses and arrange for delivery

1) Case Summary (What’s the issue?)
Horizon Foods Corporation (hereafter “Horizon”) is a still-growing, nationwide foods organization that is widely known for its high quality products. With $300 million sales each year, the firm has been relatively successful so far, gaining...
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