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Topics: Quality management system, Quality management, Management Pages: 2 (274 words) Published: August 31, 2012
Quality Function cycle
Deming Cycle
James Cycle
Management Organization cycle
Eight principles of quality management system
. Customer-Focused Organisation
2. Leadership
3. Involvement of People
4. Process Approach
5. System Approach to Management
6. Continual Improvement
7. Factual Approach to Decision Making and
8. Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationships.
Control limits- find the formula
Quality costs-internal, external, appraisal and prevention, memorize what they control

At what point should quality improvement expenditures cease?

Process variation-costs, productivity, liability and cost of business

Why was ISO created?

ISO principles
Principle 1: Customer focus
Principle 2: Leadership
Principle 3: Involvement of people
Principle 4: Process approach
Principle 5: System approach to management
Principle 6: Continual improvement
Principle 7: Factual approach to decision making
Principle 8: Mutually beneficial supplier relationships ISO practices

How to receive ISO cert-Provide quality system documents for review, undergo a pre-assessment, and have the company's quality systems and documentation audited Characteristics of Customer oriented business

Total Quality Management –three key principles-1) satisfy the customer, 2) satisfy the supplier, and 3) continuously improve the business processes.

Read about process improvement

Control chart types (error 1,2, standard deviation, etc)

Histogram- bar graph
Cause and effect diagram-shows cause and effect of specific events Check sheet-check sheet
Run chart- observed data (scatter point) drawn over time
Pareto chart- In quality control, it often represents the most common sources of defects, the highest occurring type of defect, or the most frequent reasons for customer complaints Scatter diagram-scatter graph

Gantt chart-project schedule

Capacity planning

Aggregate planning

Supply audit

Steps of selecting production sight...
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