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Topics: Research, Psychology, Scientific method Pages: 4 (1060 words) Published: May 14, 2013
1.The research is clarified if ;
a) The research problem is formulated.
b) One or more research questions are derived from the problem. c) One or more research objectives are formulated.
It is important to distinguish between the research problem (problem to be studied) and issues surrounding the research problem. i.e. the issue the researcher focuses on. Objectives of the study are formulated if, the researcher clearly articulate what she wants to achieve by conducting the study. Indicate the contribution of the information generated by the study. 2. The research is grounded in subject disciplinary knowledge if : a) the research belongs to the domain of the subject discipline.

b) the research problem is discussed in terms of existing knowledge in the subject field. c) reference are provided to relevant resource material. Belonging to the domain of the subject discipline –implies that the constructs are psychological in nature and therefore any consideration of the nature of these constructs or the rel/sh between them is an issue that belongs to the discipline of psychology. Research problem discussed in terms of the existing knowledge and subject discipline – subject field in this case refers to psychology. Check what information is provided about the key constructs indicated in the research problem. References provided to relevant resource material –check if the research problem is discussed in terms of the existing knowledge in the field and also check if the references are provided to relevant resource material. 3. The research is practicable if :

a)The research topic is ethical – Checking whether the topic of research could not have negative psychological effects on research participants. Informing the participants about the purpose and aims of the study and they should be allowed to decide whether they want to volunteer for the study. b)The researcher if qualified to...
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