Purpose of Turnition

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The purpose and value of the evaluation criteria from Grammarly, Turnitin and Rubrics is a good way of making sure the work is done within guidelines of the college. Grammarly helps with proofreading and plagiarism detection, this has helped with my grammar since I have started using it. The Turnitin also detects plagiarism that teachers and students use to guarantee academic integrity. The purpose of the rubric is it saves time and diminishes prejudice. Certain criteria are clearly stated, helping the grading process and increasing your objectivity. For myself, I think the use of grading rubrics helps me to meet what is expected for every discussion and assignments I do.

Some ways evaluation criteria affect the way I approach an assignment is by using the three resources it gives a written paper. The Grammarly online grammar checker is the most accurate tool for grammar correction. I think it is an outstanding tool for me because it helps me to improve my writing skills. The Grammarly offers helpful explanations of each mistake I make and it explains how the mistake might be corrected. When using the turnitin, it helps detect plagiarism; I think sometimes we as students do not realize how serious plagiarism can be. I try to always remember to cite any material that I may borrow. Using the rubrics is a great benefit for me, it helps decreases the likelihood that we as students will not argue about the grade that we received. It also helps to see why a point is lost on an assignment. When all resources are used correctly students will have better grades versus when not used.
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