Purchase Ledger Invoice Log Procedure

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Purchase Ledger Invoice Log Procedure

By | September 2012
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Excel invoice log procedures for ABC Company (POP)

Invoices within ABC Company are delivered either directly or indirectly in the following ways:

1)Approximately 30% of the invoices are forward to us from Insurance Department or Legal Service & Political Affair Departments.

2)Another 30% of invoices are forward from the various departments (suppliers send invoices directly to the department that in turn forward to us for payment)

3)The rest of about 40% of invoices are forward directly to our department by the suppliers either via email or post (these invoices are then send to the individual departments for authorization)

For indirect invoices (1 & 2), data is exported from Sage to generate the invoice log sheet. For direct invoices (3), data is imported into Sage from the manually updated log sheet.

Processing procedure

The Invoice Log spreadsheet should contain the following worksheets:

1)Indirect log
2)Direct log
3)Pending log
4)Import list
5)Contact in departments

1)Indirect invoices (already authorized and signed)
These should be inputted/ posted to accounting software Sag within a week. At the end of each day, the data of all processed invoices are exported from Sage to excel file (Financial -> Report -> My finance report -> MR new report). The Sage pdf format report is converted to csv format and data copied and pasted into indirect log worksheet

2)Direct invoices (require authorization and signature)
Recorded on Pending log (3) worksheet first. Then they are stamped and some notes are made on invoice/bill paperwork.

Once the invoice is back to finance signed and coded authorized , the receive date is updated in Log reg field and paperwork placed to ‘Returned and Authorized’ tray . Details of these invoices are cut from Pending log (3) and pasted to ‘Import log’ (4). Batch of those invoices are imported to Sage afterwards (File -> Import -> Audit Trail list -> going through the required...

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