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Case Study Presentation PUMA AG

History and Case Facts:
 Dassler brothers in 1984 started the Dassler Brother’s Shoe

Factory.  In 1948 The brothers split their business after the World War 2, Adolf called his firm Adidas and Rudolf called his new firm Ruda.  Rudolf’s Company changed its name to Puma in 1948 and became a public company in 1986.

What the Puma Logo meant?
 The Leaping Puma symbolizes a combination of speed, power

and elegance often exhibited by professional athletes  The Puma logo is a symbol of the fierce rivary between the 2 brothers. No longer working with his partner and brother, the brand would come to symbolize the solitary and secretive nature of Rudolf’s new venture as it moved forward.

Phases in Management:
Phase 1: o Aimed at making Puma profitable o To build a strong financial foundation. o Changes centred around the companies accounting practises. o Profit centres and distribution oriented controlling products were identified. o A working capital and accounts receivable were reduced. o Organization was restructured to be more cost efficient. o Production was outsourced to Asia and Turkey. o In short the focus was on its core competencies: Marketing, brand Management and product management.

Phase 2: o Puma’s long-term development plan starts. o Its aim is to re position the brand as a high value in both sport and life style sales categories. o Producer Arnon Milchan was convinced to invest in Puma in 1997. o This was a part of the brand building exercise that Zeitz planned on doing. o Puma products appeared in several hollywood productions.

Current Brand Differentiation:
 Reasons for being: Mixing the influence of sports, lifestyle and

fashion.  Value proposition: Fits your active lifestyle.  Reasons to believe: 1. Distinctive trend setting styles. 2. Branded retail experience (concept stores) 3. Co developed celebrity lines( Nuala) 4. Co branding partnerships( Ferrari) 5. Partnerships with famous...
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