Public School Education Failure

Topics: Education, Sociology, School Pages: 1 (318 words) Published: March 22, 2013
Discuss the social issue that most concerns you and the action you would take to address it. There are many social issues that I have come across over the years in Schools that need a little more help than other situations, these main social issues have caught my eye for some time now and the most evident problem in schools are that the students are learning so little. Funding have been cut as well as some academic classes. I don’t believe children are learning what teachers should be teaching. Classrooms are supposed to be places for education, learning and feeling safe where the students’ minds can be filled with knowledge. Unfortunately, the current situation is the total opposite of this. I would definitely focus my attention on making sure the student fully understands what he/she is learning before moving on and going step by step, Students who are graduating are graduating with less knowledge. School’s use to be the place where you knew where you were safe, now violence breaks out so commonly in schools it is almost becoming the common place where the violence begins. It seems as the news reports incidents of classroom violence almost daily. Even school buses these days are sometimes scenes of school bullying and brutality. It’s gone so bad some schools now have expensive metal detectors and campus police roaming the schools during school hours but this will only solve these problems minimally. The violence in schools is escalating getting worse with the crimes of young students starting at a young age and this becoming a real big problem! Most parents these days don’t care at all about their children’s education. I will show the best example and role model type to the younger generation and show them there is no need for violence, I am ready to dedicate myself to not just better myself but to better the children.
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