Public Relationship

Topics: Public relations, Mass media, Advertising Pages: 2 (265 words) Published: April 28, 2013
Basic Concepts of PR
Public Relations as Process (RACE)
1. Research
2. Action ( Program planning)
3. Communication
4. Evaluation

Public relations: the management of relationships between an organization and its publics. Public Relations differs from advertising
1.Paid and vs. Free
2. Guaranteed placement vs. No guarantee
3. Mass media vs. Range of communication channels
4. Selling vs. Public understanding
5. External audience vs. Both external and internal
Advertising works through mass media; public relations relies on a variety of tools. Audience
Advertising addresses external audiences; public relations targets specialized audiences. Scope
Advertising is a communications function; public relations is broader in scope. Function
Advertising is a tool; public

Public Relations differs from marketing
1.Make money vs. Save money
2. Build markets vs. Build relationships
3. External vs. Both external and internal
4. Customer-based vs. Broader base
5. Focus on product promotion vs. Many functions
6. Persuasion vs. Accommodation
Public relations is concerned with relationships; marketing sells products or services. Language
Different words are used by each profession to express similar meanings. Method
Public relations relies on two-way dialogue; marketing relies on persuasion.

Public Relations differs from Journalism
1. Broader scope ( see components)
2. Information provider, but also advocates /objective observers 3. Carefully segments audiences /More audiences
4. Channels beyond mass media
Public relations has many components; journalism has only two. Objectives
Journalists are objective observers; public relations personnel are advocates. Audiences
Journalists focus on a mass audience; public relations professionals focus on defined publics. Channels
Journalists use only one channel; public relations uses a variety...
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