Public Relations Ch. 1-5 Study Guide

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Public Relations definition—*Influences public opinion through sound, character, and performance
*uses 2-way communication
Differences between PR, Marketing, and Advertising
1. PR—positive image to public audience and target audience 2. Marketing—Communicating and delivering products to a certain audience through promotion 3. Advertising—T.V., radio, internet etc. communication to an audience Influencing evolution of public relations theory

1. Growth of big institutions
2. Heightened public awareness and media sophistication
3. Increase incidence of society change
4. Globalization
5. Dominance of internet and growth of social media
Kinds of “Publics”
1. Internal and external
2. Primary and secondary
3. Traditional and future
4. Proponents and opponents
RACE Process
R- Research—problem? Situation? Opportunity?
A-Action- Most important step… identify actions of client in the public interest C-Communication—How will audience be told?
“Act first, communicate later”
Activating a Public relations plan
1. Situational analysis—issue of company and background 2. Scope—attempt to do?
3. Targeting
4. Research
5. Key message
6. Communication vehicles
7. Project team
8. Timing and fees
Influencing public opinion--- Bad public opinion=BP and Exxon, Good public opinion= Apple and Microsoft 1. Facts
2. Emotions
3. Personalizing
4. Appealing to “you”
Basic Communication- SEMDR
E-Encoder—Semantics- Study of words, Symbolism- signs for something M-Message
Communication theory
1. Sender
2. Message
3. Theory
Two Step flow theory—someone gets it to the mass media, then it is sent out Co-Centric Circle—something gradually filters out
Spiral of silence—don’t care about what is going on unless it belittles them Muckrakers
1. Upton Sinclair—the Jungle Novel- attacked deplorable conditions of the meat packing plant...
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