Public Administration Notes

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  • Published: October 29, 2012
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* Fired for cause:
* Usually for personal matters- issues with boss, showing up late, etc over technical issues * Theory- helps to explain or simplify complicated phenomenon- it explains what might happen * Model- a theoretical structure of how something works – the PMR process- simplifying the complicating phenomenon * Explanation of what has happened and what might happen * Good theory characteristics:

* Predictability – it should give us the basis of what will happen- forecast * Consistency- should work in different places, etc- should be consistent today, tomorrow, next week and next year- from one time to another time * Universal- moving from place to place- from one scenario to another * Practicality- the theory needs to be useable – have to have practicality


* Theory- a way of simplification to the complicated world- developing and testing hypothesis and validating theory * Woodrow Wilson- President during WWI- 1st article that acknowledges administration as a study- taking an academic approach and looking at in very theoretical terms * Background:

* Born in Stauton, VA (1st municipality to have a city manager in this country )- went to UVA- law degree- became an attorney- then went back and got his PhD- dissertation: wanted more power to Congress and less power to President (did the opposite when he was president)-- he was a progressive (wanted to improve) – abolished all of the eating clubs (fraternities and sororities/ failed)- he did get everyone upset at him—became governor of NJ (after the people are Princeton was trying to get him out) – tried to get him to run for president in 1912 to get rid of him as the governor- Wilson became president because the other party was divided * LA has no city managers (only state)

* Wrote article in 1887- civil service was a big deal- prohibition is gaining momentum (not federal yet,...
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