Psychology Chapter 6 Notes

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  • Published: October 14, 2012
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Learning – long lasting change in behavior resulting from experience Classical Conditioning – a form of learning in which the first stimulus is the signal of the occurrence of the second stimulus Unconditioned stimulus (US/UCS) – the original stimulus that elicits a response Unconditioned response (UR/UCR) – the involuntary, reflexive response to unconditioned stimulus Conditioned stimulus – the stimulus associating with the original stimulus to elicit a response Conditioned response – salvation elicit from the bell (not getting there yet) Acquisition – learning is taken place once animals response to conditioned stimulus without the existence of unconditioned stimulus the animal has acquired a new behavior

Delayed conditioning – the procedure in which conditioned stimulus is presented first and then the unconditioned stimulus is presented while the conditioned stimulus is still evident/continued Extinction – the process of unlearning a behavior

Spontaneous Recovery – after a conditioned response has been extinguished with no further training, the response briefly reappears upon the presentation of the conditioned stimulus Generalization – the tendency in which animals response to certain stimuli that are similar the conditioned stimulus Discriminate – in which subjects can be trained to tell the difference between various stimuli Aversive conditioning – negative responses to CSs/USs

Eg. Baby Albert experiment: loud noise(US), in which baby Albert fears (UR), is paired with white rat (originally US), so baby Albert then learned to be afraid of white fluffy stuff (generalization) white rat become CS; CR is the response to the white rat alone Second Order/Higher Order conditioning – when CS elicits a CR, the CS is then used as US to condition a response to a new stimulus Eg. Dog salivates when hearing bell rings. Pairing bells with flash lights or others will cause dog to salivate with flash light/ others alone. Learned taste aversion –developing aversion for...
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