Psychology 300 Final Exam

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Final Exam 1 PSY/300

Final Exam: PSY/300 (Weeks 1-5)
Multiple Choice1. Erik Erikson argues that an understanding of an individual's behavior requires consideration of: A) Biological events B) Psychological experience C) Cultural and historical context D) all of the above

2. The aim of biopsychology (also referred to as behavioral neuroscience) is to: A) Link soma and somette in order to understand how emotions manifest themselves behaviorally B) Investigate the physical basis of psychological phenomena such as motivation, emotion, and stress C) Understand the complex interactions of the nervous system D) Study how thoughts and feelings influence an individual’s biological reactions

3. The first laboratory in Psychology was founded in Leipzig, Germany, in 1879 by: A) Sigmund Freud B) Wilhelm Wundt C) William James D) René Descartes

4. The approach to psychology which involved devising a method for uncovering the basic elements of consciousness and the way they combine with each other into ideas was known as A) Structuralism B) Behaviorialism

Final Exam 2 PSY/300 C) Functionalism D) Elementarism

5. Which field of psychology argues that one's perception of the pieces will be influenced when seeing them as parts of the whole? A) Evolutionary B) Perceptual C) Empirical D) Gestalt

6. A hypothesis is best characterized as: A) A procedure that precedes a theoretical framework B) Any phenomenon that can change from one situation to another C) A systematic way of organizing and explaining observations D) A tentative belief about the relationship between two or more variables

7. To ensure that I am a good researcher, I gave the same questionnaire to the same participants at three different points in time. I hope to get essentially the same answers. If I do, then I can conclude that my experiment has: A) Internal validity B) External validity C) Inter-rater reliability D) test-retest reliability

8. When it comes to the ethics of animal research, which one of the following is NOT an issue? A) Some animals are cuter than others B) Whether animals have rights

Final Exam 3 PSY/300 C) To what extent humans can use other creatures to solve human problems D) That animals cannot give informed consent

9. Information is sent to the brain via the sensory or _____ neurons. A) Afferent B) Motor C) Transient D) Inter

10. Axons are responsible for A) Receiving information from other cells B) Transmitting information to other neurons C) Increasing the transmission speed of messages D) Determining how that particular neuron will manipulate input

11. There are two types of neurotransmitters. They are: A) Inhibitory and synaptic B) Modulating and excitatory C) Inhibitory and excitatory D) Modulating and synaptic

12. The part of the cerebral cortex that is involved in the sense of touch and feeling one’s own body in space is the: A) Parietal lobe B) Occipital lobe C) Temporal lobe D) Frontal lobe

Final Exam 4 PSY/300

13. Which of the following is NOT a basic principle of sensation and perception? A) Sensation and perception require strong enough impulses to surpass minimal thresholds B) Sensation and perception are active processes C) There is no one-to-one correspondence between physical and psychological reality D) Sensation and perception are adaptive

14. What kind of learning can be achieved through classical conditioning? A) Learning that an event occurred B) Learning that people have certain patterns of behavior C) Learning that two events are related D) Learning that a behavior produces a particular result

15. As you drive down the street, a leaf hits your windshield. You know that it is not going to break the windshield and yet you blink anyway. In classical conditioning, blinking to an object that is about to hit you in the face is a/an: A) CS B) CR C) UCS D) UCR

16. You recently noticed that eating sour candy causes extra salivation as your body reacts to the sour taste. You love sour...
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