Psychoanalytic Critique on the Black Swan

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  • Published : April 21, 2013
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How does the main character deal with her id ego and superego? Which part of the subconscious seems to dominate? I believe Ninas Id is the dominant because she constantly in the movie is doing what she can to satisfy what she wants she does what she’s told to do to get it and be able to do it correctly.

How does the relationship she has with other people? Does there seem to be a childhood trauma or a childhood experience that has occurred?

She isn’t really able to have relationships with other people she doesn’t even have a good relationship with her mom I feel like she’s still some sort of child on the inside like a teen rebelling. I think this is probably because she didn’t really communicate with her mom as a child or have a dad around.

What in the protagonist’s past has triggered her to be the way she is in her relationships now? I think Nina was probably isolated as a child that’s why she doesn’t really have that many relationships as an adult. She still lives with her mom, which shows she doesn’t really know how to deal with regular daily things on her own.

What does the protagonist dream about? What is the first thing she thinks about when she wakes up? What does this tell us about her? She had a sexual dream where she was receiving from lily. She believed it actually happened until lily tells her she left right after and didn’t stay the night. I think this shows that she was receiving love in a different way then she receives it from her mom since she doest really have any relationships like a boyfriend and friendships.

What core issues does the character have and where do you think they come from? I think these issues come from her childhood she obviously grew up without a dad and her mom shows how overprotecting she is with her. She does have a habit of scratching herself when something seems to overwhelm her.

What are the fears of our protagonist and why?
The fears Nina has are not being perfect and not playing the role she...
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