Psych 1215 Midterm Practice Exam

Topics: Sexual arousal, Orgasm, Sexual orientation Pages: 10 (1571 words) Published: November 15, 2012
Practice Exam 2 Psychology 1215 Langara College Dr. V. Lloyd, Instructor.

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|1. |Research on the environmental conditions that influence sexual orientation indicates that | |A) |homosexuals are more likely than heterosexuals to have been sexually abused during childhood. | |B) |homosexuals are more likely than heterosexuals to have been overprotected by their mothers. | |C) |homosexuals are more likely than heterosexuals to have been raised in a father-absent home. | |D) |the reported backgrounds of homosexuals and heterosexuals are similar. |

|2. |Over the past 50 years, American women have expressed ________ satisfaction with their physical appearance and have experienced | | |a(n) ________ incidence of serious eating disorders. | |A) |increasing; decreasing | |B) |increasing; increasing | |C) |decreasing; decreasing | |D) |decreasing; increasing |

|3. |After discovering that their company's best software developers are highly analytical, personnel psychologists focused their | | |employment ads for additional software developers less on applicants' experience and more on their ability to engage in logical | | |problem solving. This best illustrates their commitment to | |A) |360-degree feedback. | |B) |social leadership. | |C) |structured interviews. | |D) |a strengths-based selection system. |

|4. |Brain scans of people viewing erotic material reveal a more active ________ in men than in women. | |A) |thalamus | |B) |medulla | |C) |amygdala | |D) |cerebellum |

|5. |Scales and checklists on which supervisors indicate the extent to which a worker is productive, follows correct procedures, and | | |attends to customers' needs are designed primarily for the purpose of improving | |A) |unstructured interviews. | |B) |social leadership. | |C)...
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