Pscy 2301

Topics: Psychology, Education, Course Pages: 6 (1324 words) Published: April 22, 2013

Course Number: PSYC2301.S02

Course Title: General Psychology

Course Description: Introduction to scientific psychology as applied to human behavior, including research methods, physiological factors, learning, motivation, emotions, personality, adjustment, stress, psychological disorders and therapies. These principles will be applied to the human experience.

Course Credit Hours:
Lecture Hours: 3 credit hours
Lab Hours: None

Placement Assessment(s): Placement in ENGL1301; College-Level Reading. Student Learning Outcomes:
1.Demonstrate an understanding of the history of psychology and its development. 2.Demonstrate an understanding of the scientific methods used to study behavior and mental processes. 3.Demonstrate knowledge of the basic vocabulary of psychology. 4.Describe the basic theories of psychology, how they are used, and their current status in the discipline. 5.Demonstrate an understanding of basic process such as motivation, learning, emotions, group processes, personality, and human development. 6.Demonstrate an appreciation for the uniqueness of the individual. 7.Demonstrate a respect for cultural differences in the human experience. 8.Demonstrate an understanding of how to apply the above to everyday life.

Withdrawal Policy:“See the current Collin Registration Guide for the last day to withdraw.“

Collin College Academic Policies:
“See the current Collin Student Handbook.”

Americans with Disabilities Act: Collin College will adhere to all applicable federal, state and local laws, regulations and guidelines with respect to providing reasonable accommodations as required to afford equal opportunity. It is the student’s responsibility to contact the ACCESS office, SCC-G200 or 972.881.5898 (V/TTD: 972.881.5950) to arrange for appropriate accommodations. See the current Collin Student Handbook for additional information.

Instructor’s Name: Qingwei Wang Ph.D.
Office Number: K237
Office Hours: By appointment only. For any appointments, students should email the instructor in advance to set up a time based on mutual communication.

Phone Number: 972-881-5800


Class Information:
Section Number: PSYC2301 S02
Meeting Times: MWF 9:00AM - 9:50AM
Meeting Location: SCC Room I216

Course Resources:

Textbook: Myers, D. (2010). Psychology 10th edition. ISBN-13: 978-1-4292-6178-4 New York: Worth Publishers. A copy of this text is placed on “reserve” in the library.

Lusk, B. & Johnson, A. (Eds.) (2007). General Psychology laboratory Manual Seventh Edition. Nevada: Bent Tree Press. (ISBN 1-933005-72-6) (Optional)

Supplies: Course textbooks, supplemental readings on reserve in the library, student ID and library card.

Attendance Policy:

(1) Attendance is mandatory and will be taken each class. Most of my lectures and our discussions will go beyond the required readings and include materials not found in the text. In some cases I shall disagree with the author and be critical of the text. As a result, a good set of class notes will be extremely helpful to you – indeed, they are essential if you plan on excelling in this course.

(2) I shall allow students—with good reasons—to arrive late or depart early. Attending for only one-half of a class on a given day is better than not attending at all. If you need to either arrive late or depart early, please do so unobtrusively with a minimum of disruption. ==> Excessive unexcused absences (10 hours or more) will likely cost you a letter grade.

Students who have zero absences will receive a 5 point bonus at the end of the semester.

The last day to withdraw and receive the grade of "W" is March 22, 2013.

Method of Evaluation:

This class will include four exams, five quizzes, and two written assignments.

Exams: There will be four exams...
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