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I. Chapter 7: Democracy & Human Rights
A. Define terms
a. Nationalism – the intense belief in the worth, rightness, and glory of one’s own nation. b. Patriotism – devotion to one’s country.
c. Nation – a subnational entity.
d. Nation-state – a sovereign entity that represents the interests of people who share a common culture as well as a common territory. e. Sovereignty – control, such as of a state or nation. f. Democracy – rule by the people.

g. City-state – a city that functions as an autonomous unit under its own leadership. h. Natural law – the idea that ethical principles are apparent in nature to all well-educated, reasonable men and so form the basis of human rights and good government. i. Human rights – the belief that all humans are born equal and have the right to life, liberty and security of the person. j. Civil rights – the rights of the citizens.

B. List & Describe
k. The first seven articles of the Declaration of Human Rights i. All humans are born free with equal amounts of dignity and rights, and should treat each other with the spirit of brotherhood. ii. No difference between human beings, no matter how large, shall take away the entitlement of a human’s right to all of the rights and freedoms listed in this Declaration. This includes race, sex, religion, language, political views, etc. iii. Each person has the right to life, liberty and protection. iv. Slavery shall be abolished, and no human shall be subjected to slavery or servitude. No form of slavery will be tolerated. v. Torture, cruel and inhuman punishment, and degrading treatment towards another human being will not be tolerated. vi. Each person has the right to be recognized as a person everywhere before the law. vii. The law extends to each human being regardless of their differences. Discrimination will not take place before the law. Each human being is entitled to protection against discrimination in violation to this Declaration. l. The seven Freedoms

viii. Freedom from discrimination by race, gender, ethnicity, nationality, or religion. ix. Freedom to enjoy a decent standard of living.
x. Freedom to accomplish one’s personal full potential. xi. Freedom from threats of safety, torture, unnecessary arrest, etc. xii. Freedom from injustices of the law.
xiii. Freedom of speech and of thought, as well as the freedom to form associations and participate in the decision-making process of associations. xiv. Freedom from exploitation in the work force.

C. Short answer/essay
m. The United States has given the world mixed signals on its opinions of human rights. It is one of the countries around the world that is a democracy and grants its citizens the right to vote, but there is always the question around election time every four years about whether or not the individual citizen’s vote counts, and how they play into the electoral votes. Also, the United States was one of the two only countries that did not sign the U.N. Declaration on the Rights of the Child. The United States also denied the world court jurisdiction over its citizens, in the argument of national sovereignty and the risk of political actions taken against the United States government and citizens. Not only against its own citizens has the U.S. taken away rights, but the United States is also responsible for taking away the rights of citizens of other countries. Following the terrorist attacks of September 11, 2001, as well as the war in Afghanistan as a result, the United States has kept prisoners at Guantanamo Naval Base in Cuba. So even though the United States is known as one of the few countries that allows its citizens freedom, they do not have all of the freedoms that they might seem to have due to the government’s decisions to not accept...
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