Protist study guide

Topics: Protist, Eukaryote, Photosynthesis Pages: 2 (363 words) Published: September 14, 2014
1. Where can Protists primarily be found?
Most Protists can be found in wet areas, tree trunks and other organisms 2. What niche do Protists fill in an ecosystem?
Protists have a big role in marine life, it serves as housing for many animals and food for many as well. 3. What are the 3 categories of Protists?
Animal-like protists plant-like protists and fungus-like protists 4. What are the 4 types of Protozoa and how does each one move? Ciliates : Have hundreds of tiny cilia that move it through water Flagellates : They have flagella which is tail that helps them move. Sporozoans: Sporozoans have no organs for movement.

Sacrodines: They move using Pseudopodia and also helps them to feed. 5. How do Protozoans obtain their food energy?
some Protozoans are photoautotrophs and contain chloroplasts(where photosynthesis takes place), some are heterotrophs(obtain their food by ingesting or absorbing organic molecules). 6. List two characteristics of each of the 4 types of Protozoans. Ciliates: Ciliates have two nuclei; they use food vacuoles to transport food through the cell Flagellates: Mostly have one single nucleus; they can live as single cells Sporozoans: they move with hosts circulation; Most of Sporozoans are parasitic. Sacrodines: they reproduce sexually in one host and asexually in the second host; 7. What are the names of several diseases caused by protists? Malaria; Giardiasis; African sleeping sickness

8. What are the 3 cell structures used for locomotion by protists? Cilia; Flagella; Pseudopodia
9. What is unique about euglena?
It’s unique because is both heterotrophic and autotrophic
10. What are vacuoles used for?
Vacuoles are used for putting away materials that might be harmful. 11. Specifically, what do contractile vacuoles do for protists? Contractile vacuoles are used as a method of propulsion also they maintain homeostasis 12. What are two crucial benefits of algae?

The most crucial benefits of algae is that...
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