Properties of a Poem

Topics: Poetry, Rhyme, Stanza Pages: 12 (3400 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Short Stories: How are different cultures, attitudes and characters are expressed within the limits of a short story? -------------------------------------------------
Othello: How might interpersonal relationships be detrimental to one’s status? -------------------------------------------------
Nineteen Eighty-Four:  How does an individual respond to societal manipulation and control? -------------------------------------------------
Poetry: How do poets use various literary devices such as imagery to convey emotions? -------------------------------------------------
Holocaust Literature: What impact can an individual have on a society as a whole? -------------------------------------------------
* These are the unit focus questions for this year and are not your examination questions! -------------------------------------------------
_______________________________________________________________________________________________ -------------------------------------------------
You will have a choice of four or five questions and will be required to select just one to answer. -------------------------------------------------
All the questions will be very open thus allowing you options regarding which texts you have studied this year to use in your response. -------------------------------------------------
Discuss how the theme of ‘childhood’ or ‘war’ is expressed in two of the works you have studied. (You might discuss the theme of childhood in a poem and a novel you have studied this year)

1. Think about important themes that appear in each of the texts that you have studied this year. 2. Consider significant characters and their role in the texts you have studied this year. 3. Remember that some questions might ask you to analyse different characters or themes from within same text - do not settle for revising just one character or one major theme in a text! 4. Remember you might be asked to analyse themes or characters from different texts – do not settle for focusing your revision on just one text you have studied this year! 5. Take a look at the Unit Questions above to give you clues as to what your examination questions might address. 6. Think about whether the historical and social contexts of texts that you have read are significant in answering the question. 7. Think about how you would analyse an unseen poem.

8. It will not be possible to use direct quotations, unless you are given an excerpt for the exam, but we are still looking for close reference to the text. You have show the examiner that you know the text and can refer to language, themes, characters etc. within it.

The examination is 2 hours long – you should spend about 30 minutes planning. PLANNING
1. Read through each question carefully and identify the question that you feel most prepared and confident to answer completely (e.g. there is no point selecting a question that requires discussing two themes when you have only revised one)

2. When you have selected your question, read it again carefully and underline the key words that explain exactly what is asked of you.

3. Draw a quick mind-map/spider diagram with the question in the centre to focus your thoughts. Write branching notes that relate to the answer. Remember you can’t write about everything and you will not receive marks for irrelevant information.

4. Write a numbered or bullet point plan that organises your mind-map ideas in a logical way. This plan should state what each of your paragraphs will be about and what close referencing from the text you will use to support any assertions you make. This is still in note form – abbreviations, shorted words etc....
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