Project Scenario for Database System

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Assume that a planet called Zion exists. In Zion, NEXUS is an inter-galactic enterprise that leases spacecraft to aliens for a fee. All spacecraft owned by NEXUS can be used for daily rental or contract based rental. Aliens can be classified as Warlord or Explorer. The data for all aliens are stored for recording purposes. Each spacecraft is fully equipped at the time it is rented out. However, an alien can request for additional equipment to be installed. Such equipment includes zap-gun, protective shield, time warp etc. NEXUS also provides pilot service upon request. Each pilot is employed on a part-time basis. Each spacecraft has a contract with the maintenance space dock. Every maintenance activity is recorded. Activities include changing of plutonium energy pack, change of radar guidance system, and any replacement of parts. All history of maintenances is kept as accurate maintenance records.

Propose a database system for NEXUS based on the scenario given.

Propose a database system for a travel agency. In this travel agency, there are three types of employees: Counter staff, Executive and Managers. An executive and a Counter Staff may report to many managers, and at the same time some managers are not assigned to oversee any executive or counter staff. The workflow in this company is simple. A customer will place a booking with an executive. Each Executive deals with more than one customer. Payment is made by the customer to the counter. Each counter has one staff stationed there. Each counter can serve one customer at a time.

The Gaya Motor Vehicle Company manufactures a high volume of prestige passenger motor vehicles. GMVC relies on a number of suppliers to supply many components, which are assembled into vehicles. A supplier may supply at most 10 different components. It is important to maintain information about the supplier such as name, address, and contact person. Each vehicle has its own model name and colour. Many components are used to build up a vehicle. Each component has its details description and price. The same component may be assembled into different vehicle. The company uses a computer-based inventory of the components used, which is automatically replenished. The reordering system operates with a reorder quantity for each component in inventory. When the component has reached the reorder quantity, it will automatically generate purchase order to be electronically transmitted to the supplier. When the purchase order goods are received at GMVC, it comes together with an invoice. The invoice specifies date when the payment should be made, normally two weeks from the date the invoice is received. Propose a database system for GMVC.

Although you always wanted to be an artist, you ended up being an expert on databases because you love to cook data and you somehow confused database with data baste. Your old love is still there, however. So you set up a database company, ArtBase that builds a product for art galleries. The core of this product is a database with a schema that captures all the information that galleries need to maintain. Galleries keep information about artists, their names (which are unique), birthplaces, age, and sale of art. For each piece of artwork, the artist, the year it was made, its unique title, its type of art (e.g., painting, lithograph, sculpture, photograph), and its price must be stored. Prices of artwork are also classified into groups of various kinds, for example, portraits, still lives, works by Picasso, or works of the last century; a given piece may belong to more than one group. Each group is identified by a name (like those just given) that describes the group. Finally, galleries keep information about customers. Different customers have different artists they like. For each customers, galleries keep that person’s unique name, address, total amount of dollars spent in the gallery (very important!), and the...
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