Project Proposal

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Proposal writing

Project Proposal
“A project proposal is a detailed description of a series of activities aimed at solving a certain problem.”

The proposal should contain a detailed explanation of : • • • • Justification of the project; Activities and implementation timeline; Methodology; and Human, material and financial resources required.

Elements of the Project Proposal
• • • • • • Project title Goals and objectives of the project Description of project activities Description of expected project results Project implementation plan Beginning of operations

• Resource allocation • Project personnel • Detailed project budget (fixed costs, equipment needed) • Other technical means (e.g. vehicles) • Division of financial sources (own contribution and other resources)


Title page

• Project Title; • Name of the Lead Organization (and potential Partners, if any);

• Place and Date of Project Preparation;
• Name of the Donor Agency

Project Title
• Short and concise; • Preferably refer to a certain key project result or the leading project activity. • Effective Snapshot of “What is Inside” Title 1: “The Systematic Development of a Local Initiative to Create a Learning Centre for Community Education” Title 2: “A Local Learning Centre for Community Education”

Contents page
• Project Proposal - longer than 10 pages. • It should contain the title and beginning page number of each section of the proposal.

• Readers who lack the time needed to read the whole project proposal. • Short Project Summary. The abstract should include: • • • • • Problem Statement; Project’s Objectives; Implementing Organizations; Key Project Activities; and Total Project Budget.

• It describes the social, economic, political and cultural background. • It should contain relevant data from research carried out in the project planning phase.

Project Justification
Problem Statement Priority Needs Type of Intervention Implementing Agency’s Capability Document

Project Aims
• Hierarchy of Project Results; • “If-Then Logic”

Target group
• The project should provide a detailed description of the size and characteristics of direct project beneficiaries. • Other stakeholders and their role (Influence Matrix).

Project Implementation
• Activity Plan • Resource Plan

Activity Plan
• Include specific information and explanations of each of the planned project activities. • Duration of the project should be clearly stated, with considerable detail on the beginning and the end of the project. • 2 main formats are used to express the activity plan: a simple table and the Gantt chart. • A simple table with columns for activities, sub-activities, tasks, timing and responsibility, is a clear, readily understandable format for the activity plan. • The Gantt Chart, a universal format for presenting activities in certain times frames, shows the dependence and sequence for each activity.

Preparing an Activity Plan
Activity List all project activities Particulars Develop a single list of all activities planned.

Break activities into manageable tasks and subactivities
Clarify sequence and dependence Draw up a timeline for each task

Break activities first into sub-activities and then into tasks. Each task is assigned to an individual who assumes it as a short-term goal. Planners should stop breaking the activities down any further as soon as they have sufficient detail to estimate the resources required. Relate activates to each other in order to determine their sequence and dependence. Is the activity dependent on the start-up or completion of any other activity? Each task should be given a start-up date, a duration and a completion date.

Activity Summarize the scheduling of main activities Use milestones Define expertise

Particulars Having specified the timing of the individual tasks, the next step is to plan (summarize) the timing of the entire main activity....
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