Project Managment

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  • Published : January 24, 2013
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1. Why is there a new or renewed interest in the field of project management? There is a new or renewed interest in the field of project management because there is new technologies that are significantly used in many different countries and to keep in contact with these industries.

World wide project management is used to develop the many different projects that are important within the industries.
2. a. What is a project, and what are its main attributes?
b. How is a project different from what most people do in their day-to-day jobs? c. What is the triple constraint?
a. A project is a temporary endeavor undertake to create a unique product, service, or result. It's main attributes are:

Has a unique purpose
Is temporary
Is developed using progressive elaboration
Requires resources, often from various areas
Should have a primary customer or sponsor
Involves uncertainty

b. A project is different from what most people do in their day-to-day jobs because a project can be large or small and involve one person or thousands of people and can also be done in one day or take years to complete where as day-to-day jobs involve a few people

and can be done within a week or month but doesn't take a day or years. c. The triple constraint is balancing scope, time, and cost goals. 3. What is project management? Briefly describe the project management framework, providing examples of stakeholders, knowledge areas, tools and techniques, and project success factors. Project management is the application of knowledge, skills, tools, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements. The project management framework is scope management, time management, cost management, quality management, human resources management, communications management, risk management, and procurement management

4. a. What is a program?
b. What is a project portfolio? Discuss the relationship between projects, programs, and portfolio management and...
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