Project Management Syllabus

Topics: Project management, Management, Project Pages: 3 (460 words) Published: October 26, 2012
Project Management

Spring 2012

Professor Moshe Rosenwein
Office Hours: Wednesday 6:00-6:50 or by appointment

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Required Textbook
Project Management: Tools and Tradeoffs, T. Klastorin, Pearson Learning Solutions, 2nd edition, 2011.

Course Description
The global trend towards shorter life cycles for products and services has led many companies to focus on improving their approaches to change management. Organizations which want to change their focus or direction increasingly recognize that introducing new products, processes, or programs in a timely and cost effective manner requires professional project management.

This course examines the management of complex projects and the tools that are available to assist managers with such projects. Some of the specific topics we will discuss include project selection, project teams and organizational issues, project monitoring and control, project risk management, project resource management, and managing multiple projects. Both “traditional” applications of project management (such as engineering or construction projects) and “modern” applications (such as information technology projects or change management) will be studied.

The course includes use of software products that are available to assist project managers. We will study the relationship between these products and the requirements of managing large, complex projects. A general theme of the course is building bridges that resolve the apparent “disconnect” between highly complex practical projects and the limited functionality of the available project management software.

Evaluation of Performance
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