Proj586 - Week 2 Quiz

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  • Published : November 17, 2012
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1.Question :
(TCO A) Projects have specific attributes. Which of the following is not an attribute?

Student Answer: Has a sponsor or customer.
Has interdependent tasks.
Utilizes various resources.
All of the above are project attributes.
Instructor Explanation:Chapter 1, page 4-6.
Points Received: 5 of 5

2.Question :
(TCO A) Which step of the project life cycle produces all of the project deliverables?

Student Answer: Initiating
Instructor Explanation:Chapter 1, page 9; Lecture Week 1. Points Received: 5 of 5

3.Question :
(TCO B) For a project, the objective is usually defined in terms of which three items?

Student Answer: Scope, schedule, and cost
Schedule, plan, and controls
Plan, scope, and packages
Scope, cost and controls
Instructor Explanation:Chapter 1, page 4; Chapter 1, page 100; Lecture Week 1. Points Received: 5 of 5

4.Question :
a) If the project scope is increased, what are the likely steps that the project manager would take with regards to the other triple constraints? Why? (15 points) b) If the project schedule is relaxed or lengthened, what is the impact on quality? (15 points)

Student Answer: A) The triple constraint of project management describes the interdependency between the three cornerstones of a project: 1. Scope - all the work we have to do in order to create the clearly specified product. 2. Schedule - the time we need in order to create that product. 3. Budget - the total amount of money we need in order to create that product. If the scope is increased because of additional features added to the product then the time and amount of money has to increase as well. In order to shorten the time we could reduce the scope and consequently reduce the budget of that project. The time could be shortened as well by involving more resources...
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