Program Evaluation Critique

Topics: Evaluation, Statistics, Evaluation methods Pages: 4 (1559 words) Published: December 3, 2012
Program Evaluation critique
to:Trish Mckay
from:steven wayock
subject:Team read- program evaluation Critique
date: [ 10/31/2012 ]
cc:Professor Turner, Margo Jones, Trish McKay
Steven Wayock’s Independent program evaluation Critique
Team Read’s program evaluation completed by the independent evaluator Margo Jones took an overall look at Team Read based off of statistical analysis conducted in two different phases. These phases evaluated different scopes of Team Read, the readers the coaches and mentors. I Steven Wayock will critique this program evaluation based on the information at hand and will offer Team Read my insight to what this evaluation did properly and what this evaluation lacked based off my expertise.

Team Read is a Seattle school district based cross-age program that has two direct goals and functions that have been evaluated for success just a year ago. The first goal and function is to improve the reading skills of students who participate in the Team Read program. These are students who are in second to fifth grade in the Seattle school district who have been determined to have one kind of deficiency or another when it comes to their performance in the classroom or when it comes to their reading skills in general.

The second function of Team Read focuses on the coaches and mentors who will tutor the second to fifth graders to improve their reading skills. These Team Read coaches are high school students who demonstrate responsibility and a positive sense of motivation throughout the school year. The program goals for the coaches and mentors are to develop work experience through Team Read that will benefit them as they pursue careers and continue to serve their communities in the future.

Margo Jones the independent evaluator chose three separate research questions that would ultimately relate directly to her findings and results in her evaluation. The first question Margo chose was to determine whether or not the reading...
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