Professional Role Developement Task 1

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Role Development for Advance Nursing (Precise description of the Advanced Practice Nurse's Role as Researcher) To look at the role of researcher we first need to define who makes up the Advanced Practice Nurse. The Advance Practice Nurse (APN) for the purpose of this description as a researcher includes not only the 4 roles that require additional licensure: Certified Nurse Midwife, Certified Nurse Practitioner, Certified Nurse Anesthetist, and Clinical Nurse Specialist but also the Masters prepared Registered Nurse in the areas of leadership and education. The responsibility of all APN's is to maintain the integrity and advancement of the nursing profession through ongoing oversight of current practice in all areas of nursing to determine that our profession is maintaining patient centered, quality, cost-effective care within all settings of nursing. The APN develops, educates and implements Best Practice protocols which come about from evidence-based research that is then translated into standards of practice for all care areas. The evidence-based research allows scientific support of nursing practices as well as to ongoing development of changes in practice to improve quality and cost effectiveness while still being patient centered. Research by the APN takes many forms of which participation can be found at multiple levels and in multiple settings. In Clinical setting research may be done by the APN to gather data by direct observation of clinical practice to assess that policy, standards and all regulatory practices are being followed. The gathered information is then utilized with the help of staff and administrations to develop performance improvement practices, education programs and annual competency programs for staff to maintain quality, effective practice. Research by literature review of changes in practice that promote improved patient outcomes can be done through which the APN determines relevance to current practice, then helps to translate the updated research based practices into current care policies of their health institution. The APN can design, develop, run and or participate in a formal scientific research projects that can then lead to changes in practice across the continuum of all Nursing and medical practices. Through whatever type of research the APN may use to bring about evidenced based practice changes, it is the APN's duty and responsibility to develop and promote evidenced based practice for nursing through the use of research. Role Development for Advance Nursing (Precise description of the Master's prepared nurse's Leadership role as consumer advocate) Describe the Master’s prepared nurse’s role as consumer advocate. The consumer is determined by use of a service and consumer advocacy would be to support, promote, and/or argue for the consumer. The Masters prepared nurse (MSN) is in a unique position to be a consumer advocate for many different types of consumers encountered in a professional nursing career. Advocacy can be found in the many roles of the MSN such as collaborator, educator, role model, administrator, policy maker, direct patient care nurse, researcher, professional organization member/officer, legislative lobbyist and consumer. The MSN's goal as a consumer advocate is to promote safe, quality, ethical, cost effective, person centered services specific to the needs of the consumer or consumer group that is being advocated for. The consumer may also be the MSN who through advance education has learned the importance of understanding and using evidence based practice, professional associations, standards of care, policies and regulations in their own professional practices.

In Direct patient care you become the advocate for your patient (the consumer of nursing services). As the patient consumer advocate you see that they are receiving safe, quality, evidence based, efficient care that is patient centered/planned which you advocate to all who are involved...
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