Productive Leadership

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  • Published : February 12, 2013
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Productive Leadership


Productive Leadership - Lacking muslim leaders taking on roles in areas especially the NPO/NGOs - Productivity= focus x energy x time from a Muslim perspective, we have another dimension (towards maximising your rewards in akhirah) - productive leadership? • Visionaries (looking ahead) • Harnessing the leaders’ own potential productivity as well as his team Today will focus on improving leader’s productivity & team’s productivity - 3 Concept

1. Productivity Triangle
• • • Intentions Action Discipline (doing it even if you don’t feel like it)

- How do you get that push to persevere? • Goals o Remind yourself of that higher purpose • Practice 3x • Self-Accountability

2. Servant Leadership
- putting your people first -Characteristics: • Listening

• • • • • • • • •

Empathy Healing Persuasion (don’t impose on your members, gain respect) Awareness Conceptualisation (think big, strategically) Foresight (looking ahead) Stewardship Commitment to the growth of people (show you care about the people around you) Building community (making the team your family)

3. Start small, think big

• Productive Leaders’ Habits
-Spiritual Habits -Physical Habits -Emotional/Mental Habits

- 1. Spiritual Habits
• • • seeking Baraqah in your leadership book check it out: “The Energy Project” baraqah: the attachment to divine goodness to a thing o where the output brings more benefit despite the input being limited/little “18 sources of Baraqah” 7 Spiritual Habits for Leaders 1. Sunnah prayers before/after salah 2. Rememberence of Allah after every salah 3. Morning/evening rememberence (have yakin) 4. Night prayer (even if it is 2 rakaat after maghrib)/duha prayer

• •

5. Always being in a state of wudhu (state of purification) 6. Recite 30minutes of Quran each day 7. Istikhara before decisions - 5 steps to effective decisions making 1. Identify your options 2. Seek advice from those who know 3. Decide 4....
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