Production Management

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  • Published : January 7, 2013
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De La Salle – College of St. Benilde
Career Development Program

Course Code: PRODUMA
Course Title: Production and Operations Management

Course Description: Production and Operations Management deals with creating business decisions on production and service operations. Production and Operation is a technical core function of management. It involves decision making and creation of strategies that will help each organization in achieving its corporate objectives and implementing its strategies. The course will build a comprehensive decision making foundation for the students involving products and service, quality, process, capacity and facility selection and supply chain decisions critical to the success of the operations of any business organizations. This course will relate to other business functions, such as marketing and finance. The course is designed using classroom discussions, lectures and possibly computations using quantitative methods in solving operations problem.

Course Objective

1. Develop understanding in designing and analyzing operating systems 2. Develop skills in setting operations objectives and devising operations strategies to achieve them 3. Develop critical thinking related to operations decisions 4. Develop quantitative skills in analyzing data on operations that will be used as basis in formulating business decisions or solving business problems


1. Introduction to Operations Management
2. Strategic Decisions in Operations/Operating Strategies 3. Products and Service Design and Analysis
4. Process and Technology Design and Analysis
5. Capacity Design and Analysis
6. Facility and Location Design Analysis
7. Supply Chain Analysis and Design
8. Project Management


Short Quizzes20%
Cases, Assignments and Seat works45%
Final Exam25%
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