Produce an Information Sheet Which Outlines the Following: the Current Legislation for Home Based Childcare and the Role of Regulatory Bodies.

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  • Published : June 7, 2012
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Task 1. Produce an information sheet which outlines the following: the current legislation for home based childcare and the role of regulatory bodies.

K01: Understand how to set up a home based childcare service

K01.1: Outline the current legislation covering home based childcare, and the role of regulatory bodies


Legisation & the role of regulatory bodies

I am an Ofsted registered childminder.
The role of Ofsted is to provide registration for childcare providers. They then follow up on all registrants. Ofsted:

There are many pieces of legislation I follow as a childminder. They are listed below with a brief outline of why they are important to me as a childminder if applicable: * Sex discrimination act 1975 – supports equal opportunities * Race relations act 1976, 2000 - supports equal opportunities * Education act 1981, 1993, 1997, Education reform act 1981 – recognises parents rights regarding education & SEN * Public Health (control of disease) act 1984 – covers among other things, notification & exclusion for infections and disease * Children Act 1989, 2004 – identifies that the needs of the child are paramount * Code of practice for the identification & assessment of children with Special Educational Needs 1994, 2001 * RIDDOR 1995 - reporting

* Food Safety (General food hygiene) regulations 1995 – guidelines into good practice * Family Law 1996 - safeguarding
* Disability Discrimination Act 1995 - supports equal opportunities

* Code of Practice for First Aid 1997 – provision of first aid * Human Rights act 1998 – made legal in 2000
* Data Protection act 1998 – prevents confidential info being passed on * SEN & Disability Act 2001 - supports equal opportunities * COSHH regulations 2002 – deals with risk and good practice (control of hazardous substances) * Childcare act...
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