Process Improvement Survey for Team Projects

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Team 12 Process Improvement Survey

* Each Team Member will complete this survey individually by every Wednesday @ 11:30 pm CST. * Select the most appropriate response in the drop down according to your feelings and experience. * All areas with strongly disagree and disagree responses should be submitted to the team leader. * The team leader will address these areas with the team for improvement initiatives. * Please check drop down list for Strongly Disagree /Disagree/ Agree/Strongly Agree


1a I know my team’s mission
(what it is trying to accomplish). Choose an item.

1b I know my team’s vision
(where it is trying to go in the future).Choose an item.

1c My team leader uses our team’s
values to guide us. Choose an item.

1d My team leader creates a work environment
that helps me do my job. Choose an item.

1e My team’s leaders share information
about the team and assignment. Choose an item.

1f My team asks what I think. Choose an item.


2a As it plans for the future, my team
asks for my ideas. Choose an item.

2b My team encourages totally new
ideas (innovation). Choose an item.

2c I know the parts of my team’s plans
that will affect me and my work. Choose an item.

2d I know how to tell if we are making progress
on my part of the plan. Choose an item.

2e My team is flexible and can make
changes quickly when needed. Choose an item.


4a I know how to measure the quality of my work. Choose an item.

4b I can use this information to make changes that
will improve my work. Choose an item.

4c I know how the measures I use in my work fit
into the team’s overall measures
of improvement. Choose an item.

4d I get all the important information I need
to do my work. Choose an item.

4e I know how my team as a whole is doing. Choose an item.


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