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  • Published : November 26, 2011
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Today, many people are too busy with their work or school, so they often do not have time to make a complete meal. Instant noodles have appeared to be a simple solution because they are fast, easy, and cheap. The way most people cook instant noodles is to put the noodles directly into a pot with room temperature water, throw in the soup base packet (which comes with your instant noodles), and let the noodles cook for three minutes. However, this is the wrong method. I have eight simple steps to share in cooking instant noodles so that you will properly enjoy it.

First, you need to prepare by getting the proper cookware and ingredients; these include: one small pot, one strainer, one soup bowl, chopsticks, one pack of instant noodles, a soup base packet, and two cups (500 ml) of water. Second, fill the pot with two cups of water and boil. Third, while the water is boiling, put in the instant noodles, stir with chopsticks, and let cook for three minutes. This is important because if the water is not hot enough, the noodles will not get cooked; moreover, it is also important that you only cook the noodles for three minutes, otherwise it will get overcooked and be soggy.

Fourth, once the noodles are cooked, put the noodles in the strainer, so the hot water drains. Make sure you put the noodles in the strainer to drain the hot water carefully in the sink so that you do not burn yourself, and the hot water goes directly down the drain. Fifth, rinse the pot and pour in two cups of water; bring the water to boil. Sixth, while the water is boiling, put the noodles into the pot and turn the heat off. It is important to turn the heat off because if you leave the heat on, the noodles will be overcooked and soggy. Seventh, put in the soup base packet and stir for a couple of seconds to make sure that the noodles and the soup have absorbed the flavor. Finally, the eighth and the last step is to get the soup bowl, pour in the noodles and soup, and grab...
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