Problems in a Police Department

Topics: Pension, Police, State Pages: 2 (381 words) Published: May 13, 2014
CCJ2001 (Week 2)

Discuss the special problems that must be dealt with in organizing a police department that operates 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Identify the major managerial concepts that must be considered when organizing a police department. Give examples of your discussion points: “Problems in a Police Department”

From a business point of view, a police department has the same administrative issues any regular business might encounter. The one thing I noticed in this type of organization is the pension plan might not be transferable in the event of a lateral transfer/movement. If an officer of the law moves to another state there is a possibility that the pension funds could be transferred, but it can also happen that the new department in which the officer is transferring to or from might not allow such a transfer of pension funds.

According to the reference #41 on page 89 of the textbook, under “Some Personnel Issues, Lateral Transfers”, paragraph 4. Mr. Geoffrey N. Calvert’s data was used to prove that this pension transfer issue has been recommended and that a national police retirement system would avoid any losses of funds in the event of personnel transfer. I was able to find an official U.S. Government link (PDF’s) regarding Mr. Calvert and his recommendations. The document dates back to 1971, it proves that this type of issue should have been solved many years ago.

It must be very frustrating for a law officer or any other department personnel wanting to transfer for any reason knowing their funds are tied down and cannot be transferred. As per the textbook “Thus, lateral transfers in such departments can cause officers to lose some or all of their investments.” (p. 89, para. 9)

I was also able to find a document (PDF) from an Oklahoma State website (2) “Police Department Recruiting F.A.Q.’s” The last question on page 1 states that the Oklahoma Police Department does not allow lateral transfers. This type of issue should not be an issue,...
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