Problem Set 1

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  • Published : September 21, 2012
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Problem Set 1

Problem 1
Which project should the firm select? Why?

Project B: Managers should try to maximize their stock’s intrinsic value while also bringing in revenue. The P/E ratio shows the dollar amount investors will pay for $1 of current earnings.

Problem 2
If most investors expect the same cash flows from Companies A and B but are more confident that A’s cash flows will be closer to their expected value, which company should have the higher stock price? Explain.

The primary goal of a corporation should be to maximize its owner’s value. If a manager is to maximize shareholder wealth, he/she must know how that wealth is determined. Fundamentally, shareholder wealth is the number of shares outstanding at times the market price per share. A stock’s price at any given time depends on the cash flows a “marginal” investor expects to receive after buying the stock. With that being said, Company A’s cash flow would increase the stock price and the risk would be minimal. Management’s goal should be to make decisions designed to maximize the stock’s price.

Problem 3
The president of Southern Semiconductor Corporation (SSC) made this statement in the company’s annual report: “SSC’s primary goal is to increase the value of our common stock holders’ equity.” Later in the report, the following announcements were made: a. The company contributed $1.5 million to the symphony orchestra in Birmingham, Alabama, its headquarters city b. The company is spending $500 million to open a new plant and expand operations in china. No profits will be produced by the Chinese operation for 4 years, so earnings will be depressed during this period versus what they would have been had the decision not been made to expand in that marked. c. The company holds about half of its assets in the form of U.S Treasury bonds, and it keeps these funds available for use in emergencies. In the future, though, SSC plans to shift its emergency funds from Treasury bond to common...
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