Principle of Marketing

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  • Published : November 3, 2012
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Chapter 1 Marketing: Managing Profitable Customer Relationships

Multiple Choice 1. Marketing seeks to create and manage profitable customer relationships by delivering _____ to customers. a. competitive prices b. superior value c. superior service d. superior promotion (b; Easy) 2. The marketing manager at Sunshine Car Washes is holding a training session for new employees. She stresses that perhaps the most important concept of modern marketing is _____. a. customer relationship management b. e-mail advertising c. a quality Web site d. properly trained sales people (a; Moderate) 3. Jeff Bezos, founder of, wants to deliver a _____ to every customer. a. special experience b. superior value c. wide selection of products d. none of the above (a; Easy) 4. Many experts predict that the future will belong to retailers who offer both “clicks” and _____. a. major discounts b. bricks c. superior locations d. superior promotion (b; Easy) 5. You have learned at work that today’s successful companies at all levels have one thing in common: they are strongly customer focused and heavily committed to _____. a. obtaining the best CEOs b. increasing wealth to stockholders

c. marketing d. employee motivation (c; Moderate) 6. The twofold goal of marketing is to attract new customers by promising superior value and to _____. a. keep and grow current customers by delivering satisfaction b. keep and grow current customers by delivering competitive pricing c. keep and grow current customers by delivering friendly service d. all of the above (a; Challenging) 7. Highly successful companies know that if they take care of their customers, _____ will follow. a. frequent word of mouth b. market share c. profits d. market share and profits (d; Moderate) 8. Marketing is more than _____ and advertising. a. distribution b. promotion c. selling d. customer service (c; Easy) 9. Marketing is not only an exchange and managerial process, it is a _____. a. numbers game b. social...
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