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DATE:November 9, 200x
TO:Mark Edelstein, President
FROM:Darmisha Pierson, Development Officer
SUBJECT:Progress Report on Construction of Seattle Branch Office

Construction of Vintage Realtys Seattle Branch Office has entered Phase three. Although we are 1 week behind the contractors original schedule the building should be already for occupancie on March 10.

Past Progress

Phaze one involved development of the architects plans, this process was completed onJune 5. Phaze two involved submission of the plan’s for county building department approval. Each of the plans were then given to the following 2 contractors for the purpose of eliciting estimates, David Gray Construction, and Millennium Builders. The lowest bidder was David Gray Construction, consequently this firm began construction on July 15.

Present Status

Phase three includes initial construction processes. We have completed the following steps as of November 9:

Demolition of existing building at 11485 NW 27 Avenue
Excavation of foundation footings for the building and for the surrounding wall •Steel reinforcing rods installed in building pad and wall •Pouring of concrete foundation

David Gray Construction indicated that he was 1 week behind schedule for these reasons. The building inspectors required more steel reinforcement then was showed on the architects blueprints. In addition excavation of the footings required more time then the contractor anticipated because the 18 inch footings were all below grade.

Future Schedule

In spite of the fact that we lost time in Phase 3 we are substantially on target for the completion of this office building by March 1. Phase 4 include the following activities, framing drywalling and installation of plumbing.
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