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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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Smoking Shisha

General Purpose: To inform
Specific Purpose:To inform my audience about the effects of smoking shisha. Organisational Pattern: Topical order
Central Idea: Smoking shisha can cause respiratory disease, cancers and under weights baby.

I. Try to imagine this scene.
A. You are in a labor room while your husband is nervously waiting next to you. B. You delivered your baby, your baby is crying, suddenly it stops. C. Your baby is having difficulty in breathing, the doctor try to help with everything he could. D. But it is too late- your baby died due to respiratory problem because of your irresponsible act, smoking shisha.

II. Let me give you some information on shisha.
A. India and Pakistan is said to be the origins of shisha, then became popular in Turkey. B. Shisha has various name such as hookah,narghile or qalyan. C. Hookah is a pipe instrument consists of smoke chamber, a bowl ,a pipe and a rubber hose. D. Usually, charcoal is used to heat tobacco, then the smoke flows through water, rubber hose and lastly to a mouthpiece. E. A session of smoking shisha can last around 60 minutes which is equivalent to more than 100 cigarettes smoking. III. We have done extensive reading about researches and studies on the effects of smoking shisha. IV. Smoking shisha can be a major cause of respiratory disease, developing various cancers and resulting in low birth weight baby when shisha is smoke by pregnant women.

I. One of the diseases caused by smoking shisha is respiratory disease. A. Shisha tobacco is not 100% free from tar.
1. Tar is produces each time a charcoal used to heat tobacco. 2. Toxic substances such as carbon monoxide, carcinogens and heavy metals are greater in shisha smokes compare to cigarette. B. Carbon monoxide causes emphysema.

1. Emphysema occurs when air sacs or alveoli are expands with unwanted air. 2. Enlargement of...
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