Prenatal and Postpartum Scenario

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  • Published : August 30, 2012
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Prenatal and Postpartum Scenario
Ms. LaTonya Clay
August 16, 2012
Ingrid Lewis

Prenatal and Postpartum
Memo: Dr. LaTonya Clay

Patient: Patricia Anderson
6 months pregnant (necessary daily activities)

Prenatal and Postpartum Scenario

Here are a few daily activities that pregnant mothers can do that will positively affect her infant’s future development. Taking care of your health is essential not only for your own personal benefit but also to the well being of your growing baby.   The importance of a healthy diet and exercise cannot be more critical during the pregnancy and postpartum stages of a woman's life.   There are few changes that alter a woman's life hormonally, physically, and mentally.   So that you can better be prepared for these experiences, I have prepared a healthy activity list below that I believe will positively affect the infant's future development and your well being.

• Nutrition during and after pregnancy is important.   Make sure to eat at least five small meals a day.   Your diet should consist of foods rich in proteins, carbohydrates, saturated fat, iron, vitamins and minerals.   Stay hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids but avoid caffeinated and alcoholic drinks.   Proper nutritional habits should be established at the start of this second life.

• Exercise regularly, preferably in the morning. An exercise program during this time should focus on things like posture, abdominal strength, support of the pelvic organs, energy and endurance.   Walk at least a mile a day.   Focused breathing drills, core and pelvic floor strengthening exercises, and cardio/endurance and flexibility training are all integral components, and will help you not only through delivery, but also to be better conditioned for taking care of your baby after it is born. Better still, you will be in much better shape for returning to your pre-pregnancy fitness level.   It is important to stay active even until before you do into labor....
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